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Tricks To Use Ofra Cosmetics Uk

July 28, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Today’s makeups are very sophisticated formulas, which moisturize, nourish, reaffirm, correct and act while they are on our skin. The market offer is immense , so it is advisable, in cases in which you want to hide defects, to carry out a more exhaustive search. For example, acne skins should choose formulas free of oils to control fat and non-comedogenic.

Skins with pigmentation have to opt for a makeup that treats them. In the case of tired skins, nothing better than bases with tensor effect. For mature skin, anti-aging creams that prolong the effects of daily treatments.


– And as important as buying the right product like ofra cosmetics uk is knowing how to apply it . That is why a factor that should not be neglected is the light of the room where we are making up. Ideally, it should be natural and illuminate us from the front so it does not distort the volumes. But if that is not possible and you have to go to the electric light, avoid the overhead light because it forms unreal shadows.

– The next rule of thumb is to start applying the base by the central area and vertically to the face, placing a small amount of product on the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones . It is necessary to diffuse the product towards the sides and toward the neck, and apply the right amount to avoid the “mask effect”, I will not tire of saying it !!!

– I recommend applying a base tone as closest to yours to put in the areas where we have spots that conceal or redness to cover; This will give us healthier skin, young and light . If you want to give a darker touch, I suggest the ofra cosmetics uk sun dusts, more natural than the foundation, provided that we have previously concealed the imperfections with the base

– The texture should not always change , but the color and amount of makeup that we should apply, because in summer the skin is more brown, and we tend to use more subtle and natural makeup, and lighter bases. We could still use the same, but with much less and a darker shades than in winter.

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