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HCG Diet Or Diet For The Lazy.

October 12, 2017 Uncategorized 0

HCG diet has thundered like a thunder among people who have struggled with excess weight for many years. Drops HCG – the basis of a new fashionable American diet that really works

So, let’s look at the basic concepts that the hcg diet foods carries in itself.

First, this fast and effective diet is built on the human hormone Gonadotropin Chorionic (HCG) is a natural protein hormone, it forms in the placenta of a pregnant woman. The function of this hormone is to provide fetal nutrition by burning fat in the mother’s body and turning it into energy.

This hormone activates the work of the hypothalamus of the brain, which is responsible for the correct and healthy metabolism. But as we overload our body with harmful products, most of which consist of fats and carbons, the hypothalamus is unable to perform its natural functions.

The hypothalamus has neurons that perceive and fix all changes (temperature, composition of hormones) that occur in the blood of a person and cerebrospinal fluid. The hypothalamus is the center that is responsible for feeling thirst, hunger, sleep and wakefulness. Overweight people often overload their body with a large number of foods and consume a lot of fatty foods, sugar, salt – and this is part of the problem of poor performance of the hypothalamus. As a result, the appetite increases, so-called “food addiction” appears, metabolism slows down, fat is stored in reserve on the abdomen, at hand, in the pelvis and on the legs.

The pattern between the increase in the level of the hormone HCG and the reduction in body fat was noted back in 1950 by a British researcher Dr. Albert Simeons. After experimenting and confirming successful results, this method of losing weight was used by celebrities. At that time HCG hormone was only in the form of injections and was considered an expensive drug, as it was extracted from the urine of a pregnant woman. Now we can find slimming products with HCG hormone in drops, plaster, powder. The HCG drops are the most convenient way, you drip them under the tongue, and they are immediately absorbed into the blood. On how to correctly apply drops, how to conduct three phases of the program, as well as the allowable diet with the HCG diet, you can read in the next article.


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