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Eugenio Grand Prize

July 27, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Eugenio grand prize clementoni

A fun infrared remote control race car. This daring car also has autopilot mode: press the button and the car will start walking.

It is a toy that speaks and teaches to say numbers and many new words. In addition, it develops the motor skills and the imagination of the children: the little ones will enjoy pursuing it.

Includes a fun song. And it has many sounds like real racing cars: skidding, engine roar and horn.

It has three interactive buttons

Batteries Included (I.e.

From 2 years old

Pedrito the motito

2-in-1 multifunction: a motorcycle-shaped walker with many mechanical actions and an electronic activity center.

Includes three pretty colorful figures.

Helps develop motor skills, language and imagination. It stimulates hearing and sight thanks to 4 interactive buttons: horn, roller, book and wheel, and has a light located in the headlight.

Lots of entertaining songs and very funny sounds . She teaches Spanish and English.

Age: +9 months

Account goals

Multifunction 2 in 1: a goal and a sophisticated activity center.

An educational toy that speaks and teaches the first letters, numbers 1 to 5, shapes and colors, teaches to count and many new words.

An optical sensor recognizes when a goal is scored.

Musical mode: lots of entertaining songs as well as fun sounds and light effects. He also teaches English. (Batteries included)

Age: +18 months

Gipy Volteretas

A very daring and talking remote control car.

Ideal for learning the numbers, the perception of space and to stimulate recognition of the relationship between cause and effect.

A unique car that also gives spectacular somersaults

Includes autopilot mode and flip button

Age: 2-4 years

Samson, 3 in 1 Educational Truck

It’s a 3 in 1 toy: Samson is a fun truck for driving, and educational activities. Among all type of toys just trucks toys are the best one.

Electronic and interactive, teaches numbers and letters in Spanish and in English.

It stimulates the visual and auditory perception thanks to its amusing sounds and lights.

Batteries Included

Age: 10-36 months


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