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AdSense CTR Increasing Tips – Create Adsence Account

June 30, 2017 Uncategorized 0

After successfully running your google Adsense account .You will receive your payment once your AdSense account reached the $100 threshold.

1.- Pre-scroll placement : There are studies that show that a large number of users leave a website before scrolling with the mouse, so we have to place AdSense Account blocks in higher areas where ads are viewed by Users without scrolling. Think that you can have the best ads, the most relevant and interesting for the user, but if he does not see them, it will not do any good. In addition, if we have decided to monetize our site with advertising, what is the point of not making it as visible as possible? … Let’s place our advertising in a visible way and give users the greatest opportunity to see it.

2.- Placement centered : It is also demonstrated that the eyes of a user when it enters a web page are directed, automatically, to a series of zones. These areas are called ” hot spots” and should be our ads. The top and center of the site is the best and the more in front of the eyes of the reader is more likely to receive clicks in that ad unit. In this article we talked about the locations for AdSense that more clicks receive. Then we leave you a “heat map” that shows where users’ eyes go when they enter a site, stay with the idea that the visitor’s eye travel draws an “F” from top to bottom.

3.- Colors used : The color of the texts of AdSense ads is also very important and we have to pay special attention to their optimization. Although each site is different and each one must prove which are the combinations of colors that best result give , there are some guidelines that are usually effective: the blue color in the titles of the ads is one of them since this color Usually associated with links, there are studies that demonstrate this.

As for the color of the text and the URL of the ads a good alternative is to give them a soft color, the most similar to the background color of the page that AdSense allows us (since if it is too similar Adsense will not allow us to place it), This will make the title of the ad the most relevant and that interests us because the title is the place where the most important information about the ad is and also where it is to be clicked.

A final alternative that gives very good results is to adjust the colors of the ads to which the website itself displays , for example, if the titles of the entries are red and the color of the text of the same blacks, place the titles of the AdSense blocks in red and ad text and URL in black, so users will associate ads with site content and tend, for our happiness, to click on them.

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